Is it summer yet?!

Is it just me or has this winter/spring been the longest one ever?

Between school, nannying, working at the gas station, the NG, starting to sell Plunder, learning that my full time job of being a nanny is coming to an end this year (they are moving), and finding a new full time job my life has been one hell of a shit show!!!

I try realllllllly hard to not be one of them people that has excuses about their plate being too full and why I can’t handle something. Probably why I don’t know how to tell people NO because I try so hard to not let anyone down.

I have FAILED!! Today was the day I finally snapped and had a little (actually not so little)  melt down in the gas station. I have finally realized I can’t do all things and it kills me!

Not to toot my own horn but for example I usually receive all A’s and B’s in school but this semester I have C’s! I have come to terms that it is my own fault for trying to do to much at one time and all I can take away from this semester is to slow down and basically not have a life for the next year while I finish school so this doesn’t happen again.

I also have hope that once summer comes along things will finally slow down a little since I no longer will be nannying…which on a side note has been tough for me to cope with..I found a new full time job of being an assistant manager at a restaurant while I finish out school.

One of the perks of my new job is I will now be able to have one job instead of a full time and part time one. Which I am hoping will lead to a little more normal life.. I mean I can wish can’t I?

Long story short this winter/spring has been a rollercoaster of emotions and juggling all that life has been throwing at me for the past month and a half or so and hoping and praying to our good lord that summer comes and goes much more smoothly than this last semester has gone!!

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