Social Media Class

This past semester one of my classes was on social media marketing. I went into the class with some knowledge about social media marketing due to the business my parents own. Although the class has taught me so much more than I realized was out there and how to think so creatively.

If I could have picked different classes to be in while starting my own little business I wouldn’t have. During this past semester I decided to take a journey down a road of selling Plunder Design Jewelry which is a company that has stylist (I’m now one of them) that go around selling. Well thanks to my class I started this journey with a head start in the marketing online aspect and getting my name out there.

For example out of all the social media websites the only sites I really understood how to market on was facebook really. I mean I knew people advertise and sell things all the time on other websites and apps just didn’t quite understand all of the details of how much work goes into the marketing aspect of it.


Thanks to this class I now know and better understand how to market and grow a business not only through facebook but through Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging, and others.

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