Have you ever been to a plunder party!?

This last week I decided to host a catalog launch open house! When all said and done my mother asked me how I thought it went.

I thought the party was a success!

The pros to hosting a party are:

  1. You get to see all of your friends, family, and co-workers
  2. The chance to earn some fun free jewelry!!
  3. Once you have your house picked up you can sit back and relax

The cons to hosting an in home party are:

  1. Having to clean
  2. Possibly supplying some random snacks and drinks
  3. potential coworkers showing up you didn’t want to come.

Overall I would say the Pros out way the bad easily! Hosting the open house taught me what my set up style will be when having an in home party, what to say, what printouts to have on hand, and a better understanding of what customers like!

Here are the pictures of my set up:

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