Nature Trails

I feel absolutely terrible that life has gotten in my way of blogging.

Do you ever feel like life is going GREAT but then someone like God if you believe in him (which I do) is just sitting there chuckling like nope not today!

I know he doesn’t put us through anything we can’t handle and I will be there first to testify that he sure knows how to push me to my limits!

Although I will also be the first to admit that it feels he doesn’t always let me walk nicely down a path for a long period of time before creating a messy path..

For example picture this female walking down a trail looking all cute like she is ready for a close up but then out of nowhere trips over a tree root that came out of nowhere!



But wait it doesn’t end there…as she is trying to get up she can’t and her hair, dress, make up, and shoes are ruined. (All those material items represent self-esteem, posture, confidence, organization, ability to communicate, and emotions ruined.)

This is how I feel. I feel I am finally getting my poop in a group but then BAM! I am tripped and challenged for what feels like forever to get back up!

Not only that but I really would like to think that before I was tripped almost a month ago I was doing the best I had ever been and finally figured it all out!

Maybe that is why the good Lord tripped me is to make sure I am always getting pushed to be the absolute best I can be!

Am I the only one that just wants throw out the big T for time out every once in a while just so you can enjoy the nice nature trail for a little while longer?

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