As you all may know this last Tuesday was the first day of SPRING!! Thank the lord right??

Well as much as I’d love it to be spring right now it just doesn’t feel like it yet..probably because I live in South Dakota!


As much as I need spring to be here for my sanity I will not be getting my hopes up! Instead I am enjoying the half decent days by sending the kids out to get sloppy messy in the snow slush in the back yard!

Here are a few reasons why I feel we need spring to be here like last week:

  1. The kids are driving me bonkers!!! They need to go run and play and burn off all of this stupid winter energy they have bottled up…they are a ticking time bomb about to go off!!
  2. The children and I want to wear normal clothes again..
    1. SANDALS. Well mostly Norah and I are the ones that are ready to put the snow boots away and be able to wear our cute shoes again!
    2. Light weight jackets- Big winter coats are a pain and they always seem to hide your cute outfits you have picked out…o
    3. Non-fleece lined leggings
  3. My poor hair is ready to be done with out having to be topped off with a hat or ear band on!
  4. Mittens and gloves…I would have to say gloves and mittens are my least favorite part of winter. I feel I can’t do anything with them on.
  5. Children & winter coats! The last couple of weeks the children have started to refuse to wear their coats, hats, and gloves. WORST PART is I don’t blame them I also am sick and tired of it but reality is we still have to wear them.



Have a great week! Remember we just have to try our best to stay sane because well spring has to be right around the corner right?!?!

If you have any comment or questions about your feelings about spring feel free to leave them below!

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