If anyone ever tells you being an online student is easier than being an actual “NORMAL” student is WRONG!

Here our my top 5 thoughts and opinions about the struggles of being an online student, working full time, being in the NG, and trying to maintain relationships with family and friends…oh and keeping your house clean!!!

  1. I swear it is double the homework. Which is understandable to make sure we understand what they are trying to teach but seriously DOUBLE the homework!
  2. The secondary online sites that the teachers sometimes use…
    1. I mean really I get to spend an hour or so per assignment in my accounting class and then spend yet another hour or so stressing that I actually entered the numbers correctly from the worksheet to the computer..
    2. The computer class I’m taking is plain dumb!! I mean it ask me to move this chart to a different cell in excel so I do EXACTLY as it says and yet it tells me I’m wrong? I mean my bad I didn’t move it exactly to tenth of a centimeter you wanted me was I supposed to know! \
  3. All the emails..Yes it is nice to receive email updates on when homework is due..but you still get all the emails from the school about events and all the things that get lost in the bathrooms and such even though you aren’t even at the school at all.
  4. Remembering what is all due when..I depend on my 365 day planner…it saves my a** all the time..and my Wunderlist app on my phone. Even though I have my days down to a tee of when I am allowed to pee.. I am human and miss an assignment which leads to the all nighters..
  5. Trying to get in touch with teachers..Face to face..Since I work so much and have a crazy work schedule and life in general it makes it difficult to get to school at the exact time the teachers aren’t in the middle of teaching a class, meeting, or lunch break…I mean they have lives and busy work schedules as well.


Even though I just listed the top five reasons I hate being an online student I couldn’t imagine being one of them “NORMAL” students. I do get the freedom of doing my homework when I want and where I want..for example I am currently at work and working on homework at the same time.. I mean how many people are there that get to work on their homework while getting paid? Not only that but the simple feeling of I am actually accomplishing something that will better my life in the long run even if it is taking everything in me right now this is a TEMPORARY part of my life.

Like if you agree and leave a comment bellow 👇 telling what you like and dislike about being an online student as well!

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