A little short and sweet blog!

Here’s an inside look to what it looks like when life hits you right in the face and you forget that you have accounting homework due by 8 A.M. but don’t start until 10:30 P.M. the night before..

I’m not one to procrastinate on purpose…in fact I have my life down on to-do list and checklist apps on a daily of what needs to be done when and what is due when. That is until life happens!

This week has been a struggle and it was only Wednesday!! Lord help this hot mess I swear!

First Monday came and things were going alright until the depression kicked in and I sat on my couch for three hours unable to get anything accomplished even though in my mind I knew I had things to accomplish before 3:20 (When school gets out and I have carpool duties). Then went to my second job and worked until close..grr nothing more frustrating then that.

Then came Tuesday started the day with some great motivation until I stoped by my house at 10 A.M. to discover we had furnace issues and had to cut all power off to the house until the furnance dude came to look at it…things were BAD to say the least! Fire alarms and all!!! By the time we had power it was time for carpool duties and skating practice then a quick bite and off to the band concert we went…by the time I got home I was to exhausted to do anything and crawled right into bed!

Before I knew it it was Wednesday! Happy Valentine’s Day right?! Though I love spreading love on this loving day it made for little process to be done around the house…especially since we had men in and out replacing the furnance. 😩 By the time I no longer had Norah I delivered the last of the gifts came home and ate and of course spent a little time with the boyfriend and dogs because this is also important! Although I did feel terrible because I missed special olympics cheer team practice…which I now am an assistant for (because I don’t have enough on my plate as is) and I love helping the team out they bring joy to my life! But yet again life got in the way today!

So late night procrastination it was for me and my accounting homework! It sure is a good thing grades are important and I love my degree I’m going to school for!

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