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Basement Face Lift

This last week I decided it was just time to tackle the basement though it’s not finished yet progress was made.

The part of the basement I started with is my little office area. You see we live in a small one bedroom house with well an ugly unfinished basement that could use some TLC.

We have no space for all of our shit and the biggest challenge is where and how to organize.

I have read a trillion blogs on the perfect way to organize but haven’t found MY way to organize yet. Don’t take that the wrong way I love all the blogs I’ve read about the organization it’s just either I lack the space, money or time to comply with their methods (insert my extremely sad face here).

With all the great ideas from the other blogs it was time to put my stamp on all of them combined:

First I went to Norah and I went to Menards and purchased spray paint.

  1. **Note to self if using spray paint in the house when painting something make sure to have a mask on your face.
  2. Move anything and everything out of the area you don’t want over spray to land on.
  3. If you truly care about your floors lay plastic down on the floors as well.
  4. Also open ALL windows to help vent it out.


I went home and started moving things around and cleaned up the ugly metal concert bolted in cabinet and spray painted it metallic gold to match the wall that was already painted before moving in.

Next moved some more stuff around tore a wooden cabinet off the wall and started spray painting the wooden panel wall.


Once I was finished with the spray painting I left for a while until it was completely vented out so I wouldn’t die of the fumes. Then when I returned it was time to start moving everything back and hanging the pictures on the wall.


Although I haven’t finished organizing the craft supplies in the cabinet and organizing the shelves; I have a more spacious Shelby feeling environment to actually escape to and get things done.

Stay tuned for future blogs on the organization process of household papers, a gift wrapping storage system, and the key to organizing your craft room supplies and other misc. office junk! 

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to leave comments on what you think of this project. Also feel free to share what you have done to personalize your own personal space! 

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