Ever feel like our world is becoming over run by social media?

I’m not saying that social media is all bad but lets look at some of the facts here and the negative side effects that to much social media can have.

1. The Shaming

Did you know that young adults are the most likely demographic group to experience harassment online. There is side effects to all of the shaming and bullying happening everyday online. Kids stay home from school, people become depressed, loose self esteem and many more.

2. Decreased Productivity

While some may say they don’t get distracted by their phones going off all day at work or playing that favorite game on their phone it has been proven that social media has decreased the productivity of our society. I know I have fallen guilty of not getting things done that needed to be because I just couldn’t bring myself to stop searching Facebook for five minutes of my time. Makes you wonder when enough will be enough.

3. Communication

More and more people have lost touch with the common communication skills and how to start and with hold a normal conversation with people when face to face. Not only that but when was the last time you sat at a dinner without a single person looking at their phone? We appear more attached to our social media sites and what everyone else is doing elsewhere that we forget what is going on in front of us.

4. Privacy

Do you know what privacy settings you have on all of your social media accounts? Many people may think that because they live in a small town that they could never be a target so who cares if they know where I am from or at? Right? WRONG! It is always safe to say set the privacy settings to the max level of privacy possible because even with those high settings set you could still fall victim of people trying to figure out where you are and who you are or what ever they may want to find out all by your friends list. CRAZY I know!

5. Relationships

Social media can cause many problems between couples depending on what the other is doing. Even though the significant other being accused might not have actually done anything “wrong” it can feel as though they are for many reasons. It could be they would rather be spending time on their phone then talking to you when you are trying to have a conversation about the others day. Maybe it has to do with the what apps they are using and not liking what they are looking at. Sometimes it might be what pictures they have liked, commented on or even been tagged in. The worst feeling is the feeling of being unloved because to them the social media sites and communicating with others over the phone is more important to them rather than you who is sitting right beside them. Which can be one of the absolute worst feelings in the world.


Sources used for this blog:

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