The Cycle of Homework

Do you ever feel like being a college student all your life consist of is work and homework and other silly life things. Well you and me both!

It never fails as soon as I finish all my homework for the week I get this overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and that I conquered the world. I then get to go through the next few days of my life feeling as if my life is so simple. Just work and house hold chores to be done and get this..EARLY BED TIMES!

Reality check homework is never ending! Next thing you know I think to myself you know I should really check my email and make sure I haven’t missed any assignments. Slap in the face at that moment when you realize you now have three assignments for this class, four for the other and lord knows how many for the others. Right when you think life is slowing down the homework life begins again.

In my world the homework life consist of being behind on laundry, piles of laundry needing to be put away, the dogs wanting my undivided attention…only when doing homework may I add, dishes that are never ending, and a boyfriend who doesn’t quit grasp where the clothes hamper or the garbage can is, and worst of all being completely sleep deprived for five days straight trying to get everything accomplished and then. The cycle begins again when I finally finish my homework and get that day or two of not having homework done and feeling on top of the world.

My only advice for all of us college students with the never ending homework cycle is to enjoy these moments in life when we don’t have homework and get to enjoy our friends and family even if it is only for a day because this time in life being a college student is temporary. Soon enough we will have big kid jobs with other non ending cycles in life. Embrace and enjoy the suck now before you know it this chapter of our lives will be over.

Wishing you luck with your homework cycle,


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